New Years Resolutions?

Happy New Year! Yes, it is that TIME again…you know…when we all go on a mad rush to the gym, change our diets, and try to lose weight. Maybe you are a mom who wants to lose your “baby weight” or a bride trying to fit into your wedding dress. Maybe you are suffering from a chronic health condition, or trying to get pregnant. We are all searching for a way to be healthy and happy. Like many of you, I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time. 25 years LONG time. Yes, I was an overweight kid. I was bullied, mocked, ridiculed and shamed; all at a very young age. This ultimately led me down a painful and destructive path of low self-esteem. After years of yo-yo dieting, struggling with eating disorders, and losing and gaining hundreds of pounds I think I’ve finally figured out the truth. I finally figured out the secret to weight loss. I’ve figured out how to finally win this game! Yes…I figured it out, and I will tell you what I did. I stopped playing. Yep. I stopped playing the weight loss game. I have freed myself from my own oppressive chains and I want to share with you how I did it. Here are my 10 truths, that I follow every day, that help me lose weight and stay healthy. Some days are easier than others, and yes, at times I want to rip them up, stomp all over them, have a good ugly cry, and eat a dozen donuts. Other days, I feel like flying out of my body and into the universe of endless possibilities. Do what you want with these truths. I do hope that they change your life, as much as they have changed mine.

Truth #1. Until you learn to truly love the body you have right NOW, truly love every roll, every nook and crevice, in this VERY moment, you will never be able to lose weight. And if you do lose it, you will gain it right back.

Truth #2. Losing weight using anger, hatred, and negative self-talk will never work. Negative energy will produce negative energy; you can never hate your body enough to love it. Nothing positive grows from the seeds of negativity.

Truth #3. Your body is a physical manifestation of the divine soul that resides within you. Eat to nourish this sacred temple. Nourish your body in order to nourish the soul that lives within.

Truth #4. Excess body weight is a physical manifestation of suffering. This is your bodies adaptation to repressed feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, fear, and pain. Only love and compassion can fight these.

Truth #5. Weight gain is a disconnect between body and soul. You cannot lose weight until you connect back to your body through unconditional love.

Truth #6. The ego is the ring leader in this madness. The voice inside your head is not real, it is a bully. Do not listen to it.

Truth #7. You cannot begin to lose weight until you can live only in the present moment. This moment is the only one that truly exists. The body you have is the body in this very moment. The past body does not exist, and the future body does not exist. Just this one, right now.

Truth #8. Loving your body means moving your body, looking at your body in the mirror with love and compassion, it means placing your hand on your belly and loving what you are touching. Your body is an intelligent, remarkable, biological, emotional, and spiritual vessel. You have to take the blinders off and start looking at your body as it truly is. Amazing.

Truth# 9. The limitations you have placed on yourself are not because of your weight. The limitations are from your mind. You can do yoga, you can ride a bike, and can wear a bikini. The limitations you’ve set for yourself are about your fear of truly living.

Truth #10. Losing weight is about setting with your emotions and not avoiding them. It means that when you are feeling an emotion, you understand it and accept it. Why are you feeling it, where are you feeling it, and how can you process this in a healthy way.

By Rhianna Weaver, LAc. January 2017

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