Postpartum Resource Guide

This beautiful piece of work has come to fruition through the hard work and dedication of some amazing women and organizations in the Gallatin Valley. Thank you so much. Your work is invaluable and your passion is inspiring.

After a roller coaster ride of events and their drastic call to action, this resource guide became a priority for our community. A resource guide like this should be a priority for every community in America. Postpartum can be a magical and fulfilling experience. Postpartum can be an overwhelming and lonely time, too. Having a comprehensive resource list of trustworthy professionals to help women and families find the support they need can be a life changer; literally, a life saver.

I would love to hear your postpartum stories, if you’d be willing to share. Did you receive the support you needed? Or were you left feeling unfulfilled? We were not meant to mother or parent alone.

Visit THIS LINK for an electronic view of the Postpartum Resource Guide.

Visit ROOTS FAMILY COLLABORATIVE for more information on family support and the journey through parenthood.


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