Welcome to Mama Mode

Name – Jessica Hunter

Occupation – Full-time Mama, Wife, Forever Student, Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Counselor, and …Blogger!

In my ideal world, every woman has the birth experience that she dreams of, all women can nap whenever they want, and dishes clean themselves. When I am not scrubbing buggers off my hard wood floors, I am researching the “art of hand expression” and enjoying the ritual of making a hot cup of tea. I drink more water than most think is humanly possible. Playing with Hot Wheels makes my day! Painting, drawing, and singing heal me from the inside out.

I finalized my degree from Montana State University in Community Health and Human Development Education in the Spring of 2015. The knowledge I have gained will be poured into birthing, breastfeeding, and mothering support for women all over.  I want to join together all community members to collaborate in developing an empowered setting to strengthen and support families. Mothers, on their journeys, are my starting line. I will apply every ounce of knowledge and experience I gain to supporting women in their birthing, breastfeeding, and mothering goals. Your stretching belly and brie-free diet are my prerogative!

Eventually, I’m sure I’ll spill more about myself than you really want to know but for now, I will inform you of my goals for this blog.

  1. Current, relevant, helpful info on being pregnant, labor and delivery, on breastfeeding, and postpartum.
  2. Fascinating interviews with a whole spectrum of childbirth professionals.
  3. Unique perspectives and article from professionals and women across the nation.
  4. Safe, non-discriminating space for discussion, questions, and witty colloquies.
  5. Smiles, laughter, hope, and light.
  6. Empowering information for all women on their journey.
  7. Am I missing anything you want to read about?

I would love this to be an interactive site that draws women together to garner strength and wisdom from each other. Mothers, fathers, professionals, students…

What is a Community? I have never seen an ancient picture depicting childbirth that shows a woman “going it alone”. Women have always been surrounded by those who support them and those who have gone before them in the mothering epic. I feel that really supporting women in childbirth and mothering is as special as the support and love I have received on my journey as a mother. Am I wrong to believe that we can have this in our childbirth communities? Join me as I delve into this ambition for women all over. Send me your ideas, your encouragement, your dreams, and your goals for yourselves and your families!

Thank you for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to many cups of coffee (usually too many) in writing with you.

Jessica Hunter



One thought on “Welcome to Mama Mode

  1. Thanks for sharing Jess! I see so many “broken” families and broken moms at WIC. I hope that we can empower women and their families to be the best parents they can be. Many had no role models or not the best role models.


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