Just Do You

Just do you. Harder said than done, right? Well, here goes me.

  1. Wake up at 4:30 and start the incessant dialogue that runs through my head and never stops. “Do I have an appointment today?” “Did I tell someone we’d do something, but then not write it down, so then I’ll accidentally stand them up because I’ll forget that I told them I’d meet them?” “Where did I put that grocery list?” “Did I already go grocery shopping and just forgot about going?” “Ugh! It’s only 4:40, I should just get up and go check if I went grocery shopping or not.” “Is that the kids waking up already!? Quick, breathe heavy and act like you are sleeping.” This is the part where I try to go back to sleep in between my squishy little kiddos, because who in the world wants to miss morning cuddle time?
  2. 6:00, get up to make coffee and check my planner, check if I went grocery shopping, (I didn’t but my husband picked up half of what was needed so the rest can wait till I think about it another day). Check the plethora of sticky notes that I hang all over to see if I’m missing any plans for the day. “Why don’t I just write it all down in my planner? Then I would know what I’m supposed to be doing!”
  3. Kids: “Can we have pancakes?” Can we have pancakes, hard boiled eggs, cereal, and trail mix, too?” After maybe just two of these is fixed for them they each decide they just want a glass of milk and fruit. Or maybe oatmeal…
  4. Child #2: “Can I have some eggnog?” Me: “No peanut, we don’t have anymore eggnog. You can have milk or water this morning.” Child: “Then I’ll take eggnog in a cup instead of a glass.” Me: “There is no more to be had child.” Child: “Can you go to the store then?” Me: “Milk or water milk or water milk or water milk or water???”
  5. 8:00 “can I have some eggnog, please?” Me: Silence.
  6. “Do not get on Facebook, do not get on Facebook.”
  7.  Husband asks if I got that call made that’s been written on my to-do list for 3 days. Me: Silence

You probably get the idea.

Adulting is hard. It’s just plain hard sometimes and we don’t get a choice as to whether or not we WILL carry on and keep truckin. However, we have a choice as to HOW we will keep going.

When my kids wake me up at 3, 4, 5, and 6 am, I can allow myself to be grumpy all day or I can bust out a quick workout or stretch, make some coffee, and work constructively through the day. You know better than to think I win over my mind set like this every single day. We will all have our days and feeling tired or being impatient is part of being human! I believe in the depths of my heart that it is imperative to our mental health to validate your true feelings. Listen and hear your body, also, recognize the difference between your soul and the lies. Listen to your soul and the woman talking to you from within. She knows you. She carries you. She needs to be validated. She needs to be heard.

This beauty, this siren in your soul, she speaks love and light. The lies I’m talking about of “I’m not strong enough, pretty enough, good enough, deserving;” Those are not words from your soul. Those are lies trying to stifle your soul and your power.

As women, we have got to stop trying to one up each others’ souls. We have to start encouraging and listening to our sisters’ soul as she cries out for validation, love, and encouragement. We were never meant to be alone, as women. I will support your soul. I want to hear and see that beauty singing out every day and being heard and seen by those who need to see the power of a woman. A WHOA-MAN. (Get it? Haha whoa man. Whoa… Yeah you get it…)

I want my children to see me living with this intensity and strength as they grow up. I want them to see my drive and my passion to live out loud. I want to set that example for them, as well as the lessons of vulnerability. My children see my heart on my sleeve more than anyone else and they resonate with me. They get to see me experiencing and listening to my pain or sadness and then rising from it renewed. My mother gave me this same example and I challenge us all to live this way for our children, families, and each other.

What is your beautiful soul saying today? Have you stopped to listen to her?


One thought on “Just Do You

  1. I love you Jess! I love your light, love and honesty. Adulting is hard, parenting is hard, marriaging is hard, even empty nesting is hard; it all takes honesty and live! I love your truth and positivity in that truth. Love you,


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