Easy Cheesy Bruschetta

Running short on ideas for dinner? Try this simple bruschetta. Use deer burger, chicken, or leftovers; they are a crowd pleaser!

Try this budget friendly crowd pleaser the next time you feel like an easy meal or appetizer. You’ll feel like Julia Child in the kitchen but this doesn’t call for that much butter, I promise. Your grocery list will include: a sourdough loaf, French bread, or a baguette. I got my French bread at the day-old rack at the grocery. Tomatoes, fresh or canned. Either way you’ll need to drain off the juices. I added a little tomato paste to my fresh diced toms. Fresh garlic cloves. Cheese, I used mozzarella and a little bit of feta that was left over in the fridge. The rest is up to you!

Options for meat are pepperoni, burger, chicken, or eggplant and peppers would be good too!

Prep takes about 10 minutes. I use the flat side of my knife blade to crush the garlic and remove the skin, then mince. Mix garlic with tomato mix. Add your already cooked meat, and spices that you like to the mixture as well and sauté till thickened.

After it has thickened… you’re almost there!


Slice your bread to a thickness that’s going to hold your toppings but easy enough to bite into. Spoon your mixture onto each slice and then top with your cheese!

I don’t know about you but we have a cheese monster in our house… I lost about half my cheese and a third of the bread that I wanted to use. We ended up with less bruschetta but a very satiated cheese monster. Win win!

I baked mine on a foil covered pan but you can also sauté them slowly in oil, just make sure it’s low enough to melt the cheese and not burn your bread. Like the key to a perfect grilled cheese, I haven’t mastered this patience yet.

Good to practice patience though, even when it involves just cooking. Every time I ask God for more patience, we get an all-out s**t storm at our house and He quietly reminds me to breathe through it. He certainly works in mysterious ways. The more patience I ask for, the louder and more chaotic our household gets. (Or life gets in general.) 🙂 Every day I thank God for the food I get to cook, the people I get to cook for, and the many blessings we have around us.

To finish…bake at 400 degrees till cheese is browned or broil them at 500 degrees for crispier top. That’s what I did. Sauté them till cheese is melted and the bottom of your bread is crispy.

I hope you enjoy! Send me your hot ideas and your recipes!!

Happy adventures, happy patience, and happy Mama Mode.


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