A little about hypnobirth

Society and women today are given a different view on childbirth; Movies, Hollywood, even the stories that are shared in our circles of friends. We all want to share our birth stories but we don’t think about whether or not they’ll be helpful or harmful to a pregnant mom’s confidence or to her decisions. My suggestion: You may elect to ban negative birth stories from your life, from your circles. Ban the “what ifs”. You can elect to just get up and leave the table or ask that they aren’t shared in front of you. Suggest that after you have your own birth story, then you can get together to share.

Focus on what YOU WANT for your birth, not the “what ifs”. Hypnobirthing is about true and unhindered focus on the goals at hand, and a narrowed focus on the present moment. No more horror stories! You are allowed to stop the cycle! It doesn’t matter how your mom, sister, or neighbor gave birth. This is YOUR birth story.

Birth and pregnancy should be an empowering and exciting time! Many women feel more fear and anxiety instead of excitement when they get pregnant. I believe that we can change that.

Through focus and practice and knowledge we ca eliminate the fear tension pain cycle.

Fear creates tension, tension magnifies pain, pain further heightens fear.

Eliminating fear from the birth experience; Relaxing deeply into surges to increase efficiency of the uterus and the hard work that your body is doing. Focus on the idea that birthing calmly will bring calm babies into the world. Work to get your mind off of yourself and onto your baby. I laugh here because a calm birth can be beautiful, and I’ve also heard that cursing helps to decrease the perception of pain… Food for thought. 😉 If you don’t think a quiet birth is necessarily what you want, no problem. There are many aspects of hypnobirthing that can still be helpful.Hypnobirth techniques don’t eliminate all discomforts. Instead, I suggest that all preparation can be useful and helpful and if it doesn’t work for your birth than it doesn’t work. The preparation is key and having plenty of options for comfort during your birthing time.

Change your language to diminish negativity. What are some words that you deem negative? What words make you tense? Make a list, and then make a list of words that make you feel empowered to use instead of the words that draw tension. Example: Fear=Drive or Pain=Progress or Intensity. Instead of using the word pain, use the word discomfort. Intensity can be used as a grounding word instead of using pain.

Focus all thoughts on power over pain; A powerful experience over a painful experience. It’s going to be powerful, it’s going to be intense, and it’s also going to be possible. You were made to do this; to birth a baby. Your baby was made for your body by your body.

It’s not luck that you have a great birth experience, its preparation and practice. You are ahead of the game! Make a list of all the things you do to help you relax. Make a list of times in your life when you felt strong and powerful. Meditate on the journey you will be taking in birth and what that means to you.

Everyone can benefit from hypnobirthing, not just mothers; Babies, fathers, families, and both medicated and natural birth experiences. All can benefit from an empowered birth.


3 thoughts on “A little about hypnobirth

  1. The best way to hypnobirth:. Be totally in denial that you are actually in labor! 😂
    I had a totally pain free birth ( I think, I don’t really know, I didn’t know I was in labor)!


  2. I love and appreciate the cursing comment! I certainly partook in that portion of labor! 😉 But the best part- practice made me feel very prepared during the entire process. Grateful to you for that! 😊

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