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The definition of ambition is having the need to accomplish something meaningful. This need requires drive, dedication, and hard work.

A state of mind: Ambition requires hard work as well as a meaningful task at hand. A goal without ambition is a meaningless dream. Without ambition, lethargy begins to peek grow through the cracks of the ground around us. Complacency weeds its way into our goals and almost makes it harder to see your dream. Holding onto the state of mind that fuels you toward your dream.

A force: Ambition pushes us. It rushes behind and around us when we allow it to speak to us. If we allow that force to drive us toward the state of mind that was the beginning of our dreams.

A fuel: Ambition is the fuel that can ignite or implode. That spark is near impossible to stifle. It is within you; a part of you. It smolders gently like a star in the night or a flame on a hill. Even after tremendous failure and adversity it is still there. It can be rekindled.

A voice: Ambition can drown out the sounds of animosity and words of distention and strife. It can overshadow cruelty and doubt from anyone or any force that wishes to see you fail. Let this voice speak to you! The voice of your ambition can sometimes require a check in or a leash. Don’t let it blind you but let it carry you. Maintaining your integrity while still listening to your ambitious voice is imperative to success.

A sign of greatness: Ambition is a sign that your heart longs for more; that you refuse to settle and that you know your purpose in life is greater than what you are accomplishing now. Refusing to settle for less than you deserve is a sign of greatness. Trust in your ambition and in your heart. Integrity will lead you down a path of success with your ambition fueling you. Following your heart, maintaining integrity, and listening to your heart when it gives you ambition are signs of greatness.

A magnet: Ambition attracts those who will strengthen you and hold you up. Likewise, it will repel opposition and those who aren’t going to care for you. People can be scared of ambition and will not know how to handle it. Jealousy can creep in if someone doesn’t know how to handle a person with drive. Like I say, just do you. Do you and don’t falter in your ambition or integrity. Know your heart. Allow your heart to attract those in the world who will seek to be part of your success and who will love and support you.

Don’t fear your ambition. Don’t stifle your flame. Do not be ashamed of your ambition. It is something to protect. Fuel your ambition by working harder and by trusting your heart and your ambition.

Be you and do you. Love who you are and believe in where your ambition, heart, and your dedication lead you.


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