A Cat?

We got a cat. I’m not calling her a pet, I’m calling her a mouser. This is quite surprising seeing as I have always said I’m not a cat person. I have never found a cat that I actually like, to be honest. She has proven me wrong.

And now she’s here. She is black as the night so we named her Obsidian. Sid for short and my daughter calls her Siddy Kitty. She has bright emerald green eyes and the fiercest claws I’ve ever seen.

Props to Heart of the Valley animal shelter for helping me through my nerves and the whole adoption process. Callie and Scott were amazing! Everyone was. I went in looking for a fierce hunter and was shown two cats. One almost ate me alive and the other was just stand off-ish and very very active. I was told she would not be a lap cat by any means, she’d be quiet and independent, and that she’d be a great mouser. First of all, I can’t get her off of my lap. And when I can get her off she climbs up onto my shoulders to hitch a ride. Secondly, she IS very independent when she is not following me around rubbing on my legs, riding my shoulders, and again, sitting on my lap. Third, we will just have to wait and see about the mouse hunting. We picked her up on Saturday and haven’t let her outside yet.

Does anyone have any suggestions for doing that? I could use some advice. She keeps trying to sneak out the door and one of these times I think she’ll succeed.

I am super excited to see the “presents” she brings to me. Dead mice, gophers, squirrels. I think she’ll make a great hunter and be great fun for the kids to interact with.


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