Life is flying. It speeds so fast sometimes that I forget what I made for dinner, what my kids asked for in their lunches, or where I set down my to-do lists… yes, I have multiple lists going all the time. Don’t lie, you know you do too. That doesn’t mean that we can’t get done what we need to get done with some efficiency.

I went through a transition at the beginning of this year. I realized that I was saying yes to too many things, saying yes to everything really. What I was taking on was not necessarily benefiting my family, though. That’s when I knew I had to slow down and reevaluate. I had to reevaluate my efficiency of daily life. I’m still busy and flying through the day, but I’m more mindful of how I spend my time and with whom I spend my time.

I’m not perfect (duh) but I have gotten down some pretty good tricks for streamlining life. I’ve also interviewed a few moms about their tips and tricks as well.

Dinner is sometimes forgotten when you are busy. Plan ahead. I have the best recipe for freezer breakfast burritos that my husband eats all day and not just in the AM. Make double meals and freeze them. Chili is easy; lasagna, casseroles, and frozen veggies are awesome to freeze, too. We have one or two leftover nights every week, especially when I am working nights. A great friend of mine reminded me that I probably have enough food in the house to make something so don’t leave the house if you don’t need to. Sometimes it’s nice to just get out for a sec, but again, that’s time spent.

Dressing the kids became a fight because of my frustration. Not frustration with their outfits or matching or anything. It was frustration because they change their clothes more times then I would picking out a prom dress! It made us late all the time! I was a very willful child who liked Mickey Mouse shirts and neon geometric patterned leggings, so I know where their willfulness came from. Still, we needed a solution. I try to have them pick out two outfits the night before a school day and bring them downstairs. They can choose any combination of the two and make it work, but they can’t go get more clothes to try on. We still have our mornings of sweating and arguing, but who doesn’t.

To-do lists are a bear, aren’t they? I think my husband would give me an earful about all of my lists if he didn’t know better. Honestly though, my lists are how my brain functions. If I don’t write it down, it’s like it didn’t happen. Anyone else like that? I have learned to organize tasks in order of importance. Deadlines are key and if something small can wait, it goes to the bottom. If I ever have a big project that really, really, really needs to get done… it seems to end up on the bottom of the list because I get nervous about starting the project. Don’t ask me why but that’s just my brain. I have been trying very hard to make sure the lists are prioritized and the important things come first. I need to try harder…

Exercise. What can I say? I just don’t do it enough anymore. I have started doing some weird looking things to exercise. Last night I turned on Pandora, put in my headphones and had a dance party in the kitchen. BOOM, cardio done. I do squats and squat jumps when I’m putting dishes away or sorting laundry. BOOM, butt done. Calf raises while dusting and vacuuming began when my daughter started dancing while helping me dust. She’s so smart. A good friend of mine gave me the amazing idea to Kegel at every red light. Genius, right?

I know I”m forgetting some tips that I have, but I’d love to hear yours.. What are your efficiency tips and tricks? I think we could all use some collaboration on this.

Happiness in your mama mode today. Make it a good one. xo


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