Reaching for Seasons

The beautiful yard,

The blooming garden of flowering light

Lilies and daisies growing

Growing up through the ground

In full bloom they inspire joy

Hope and energy seem to spring up with each bloom.


Smells of Spring fade to musk

Smells of healthy soil and thriving plants

Scents of insemination; plants into earth

Warmth is lifted day by day

Chaotic, comforting smells waft through the air

The earth is blessed by products of growth;

Thanks are given by the aromas of hibernation.


Leaves fade, fall, and blend to the earth

Greens turn to red, yellow, brown

Leaves look aflame

Fresh and new turns to fragments usable to the earth

As Spring fades to Autumn and the colors turn,

Light and energy begin to soften earlier

The whole world begins to tire and dim

As darkness comes early and lingers late.


Snow often doesn’t fall to take over for Autumn

But flakes cover the earth and turn to mounds

To protect the insemination and aid plants turning to earth

White upon white; crisp and cold

The snow and cold of winter form a barrier

A protection enfolds the resting life of the earth

Earth rests in the perfection of winter and snow

Spirits rest in the frost and isolation of wintery weather

Cold upon cold. Dark upon dark. Deep upon deep.


Is there life left, or is the spirit of the earth forever frozen?

Does existence remain in the depths of the results of winter?

It appears the answer is naught

Yet hope stirs in the heart; the spirit yearns and prays

Hope for Spring reigns above the cold of the snow

Hope for growth reigns above the hibernation and appearance of death

Hope for survival outreaches the grasp of death.








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