Revamping as a Birth Coach.

For the past 5 years I have dedicated my life to acting as a doula. In Greek, the word doula means to be a servant. Presently, the term is used across the world to describe an individual who commits to educating, attending the birth, and providing support postpartum as well. Being part of hundreds of women’s stories and adventures into motherhood and watching almost as many men see their babies for the first time has been unimaginably rewarding. Doulas are far from obsolescence and continue to become more popular in the birth community. In 2018, I want to hear from you about the topics you’d like to hear the most about!

When first training as a doula I thought that attending births and staying up all night was the majority of the job. Ok, so staying up all night is very often a large part of the job but attending births is not all of it. After years of training, working, and developing my career I have come to learn that educating women and families is one of the most important facets of working with pregnant/birthing women. Education. This is magnanimously harder said than done because maneuvering the ins and outs of all the information that is available is often as hard as maneuvering the adventures of pregnancy and parenting. There is helpful and hindering information running rampant across the airwaves of the internet. Within the mass of media, blogging, and opinions I strive to encourage the passing of only evidence based and peer reviewed education to my clients.

Why am I so hooked on education? In the years I have devoted to being a doula I have seen enormous impacts that education has made on families entering birth and parenthood. Support is incredibly important for each woman and family, but even the most experienced support in the world can’t take the place of an educated and empowered woman. If a woman goes into her birth with nothing on her team but a willing husband and a doula with 15 years of experience, she still does not have the most important tool; power of knowledge. Knowledge is power.

Being at a birth is not about shining like a pro and making a name for myself. My career has been about trying to be the best doula I can be for those who honor me with their requests to help. From this I have made a name for myself as a birth doula. I have tried to make a name for myself as an educator, too. What does being at a birth do for a woman meeting her baby? With strong support and encouragement, women feel safe and abetted during their journeys… then what? Doulas cannot tend to each woman throughout the course of their motherhood adventures! If we could, we would definitely charge more money. I believe my job includes empowering women and their partners to be as prepared and ready as possible to enjoy their transition as a family.

My passion for educating women is obvious, I hope. Coaching and sending women into birth prepared and confident to advocate for themselves and utilize evidence proven tools and comfort measures results in better experiences, less interventions, and better outcomes for births. I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions at all. I believe we should strive to live valuable lives year-round. That being said, I’m going to refocus my attention on pertinent and valuable information this year. My brain, my heart, my family all need a healthier schedule from my career, so welcome to the launch! I am committing to providing information, classes, and seminars to women, families, and professionals. Schedule will be my goal and education will be my prerogative. With that being said, what are some of the big topics you all would like to hear about? Please share and comment so that we can start out 2018 with a plan for education and birth coaching!

Happy Mama Mode!


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