Self-love-I need your opinion!

Lately I have been really struggling with self love. How do I love myself if I am not 100% sure everyone else is happy? But, how can I make everyone else happy when I don’t completely love myself? When I’m not happy with myself?

It has come to my attention that self-love and self-acceptance is absolutely not an option. Not an option. These must become priorities for me or else I will drown. I have read from Brene Brown’s work in The Gifts of Imperfection that there might be some conflict around the idea of CAN WE POSSIBLY LOVE OTHERS MORE THAN WE LOVE OURSELVES? Or should we love others more than we love ourselves?

Is this idea detrimental to our health?

Or should this idea be sent out the window because we SHOULD love ourselves more than we love others?

Or should we set aside ourselves in order to serve those around us, the way God loves us, the way others expect love, and the way society has set us up to love?

Just as Brene did, I put this idea to you…

What is your definition of self-love and self-acceptance?

Should we love ourselves more than we love others?

Or should we put our self-love first and foremost in our lives? How would that look?







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