The present is a gift

After a particularly distraught morning with the children and getting them off to school or summer camp as they like to correct me, I am sitting in my car hugging myself for a job well done, loving myself for the grace I showed my children this morning and for the grace I showed myself in the midst of a storm. 15 minutes to get to work is enough. 15 minutes to appreciate the gifts I have in this life, this life in general which means being alive, the ability to live a sober day in peace, and two healthy children who have lungs to scream, I am saying thank you. The present is truly a gift. Do not take it for granted. Xo and happy mama mode.


2 thoughts on “The present is a gift

  1. Thank you!! Perfect, perfect, perfect;) I needed this today-I was catching up on things and I’m grateful it didn’t get by me!!

    Really, thank you!!



    1. I am glad this is just what you needed. Sometimes we just need a reminder that there is more to life than the small explosions or speed bumps. I pray today is a gift to you! When we lay our heads down at night, I pray we know that we are enough. We did enough. We did our best. And we are worthy of love and rest. Happy Mama Mode;!


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