Life is flying. It speeds so fast sometimes that I forget what I made for dinner, what my kids asked for in their lunches, or where I set down my to-do lists… yes, I have multiple lists going all the time. Don’t lie, you know you do too. That doesn’t mean that we can’t get… Read More Efficiency


The definition of ambition is having the need to accomplish something meaningful. This need requires drive, dedication, and hard work. A state of mind: Ambition requires hard work as well as a meaningful task at hand. A goal without ambition is a meaningless dream. Without ambition, lethargy begins to peek grow through the cracks of… Read More Ambition

Using Relaxation and Meditation to Manage Chronic Pain

While the causes of chronic pain are numerous, stress is known to exacerbate pain no matter where it comes from.   One of the most common ways to reduce stress and manage chronic pain without the use of prescription medication is through relaxation exercises like focused breathing, meditation, yoga, and even hypnosis. The reason this… Read More Using Relaxation and Meditation to Manage Chronic Pain